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Our teachers are fun, friendly and fabulous. So feel free to get in touch with any of us, we’d love to answer any pole dancing questions you might have.

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Founder and Chief Instructor of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Malaysia. Teaching dance was never in her lifeplan, however discovering pole dancing changed her course and Bobbi, her pole dance trainer turned business partner, had inspired her to touch lives. And the opening of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Malaysia became the very avenue she could flourish as a coach and a pole artist, and by creating this space she could successfully facilitate Malaysian women (and men) in finding their own hidden greatness.


Maple has amassed two decades of experience as a dancer, choreographer and performing artist. Recognized by many in Malaysia for her various artistic work in the music and dance industry with other artists. She has worked with many celebrities over the years, with Malaysian singers Siti Nurhaliza, Ning Baizura, Fauziah Latiff, Ziana Zain, Anuar Zain and was a part of Tiara Jacquelina’s Kit Kat Klub for years.


From Hong Kong superstar Sam Hui to appearing  in local hip hop group Too Phat’s music video, Maple also became a reality TV talent show judge for TV3’s Gang Starz and later, 8tv’s  Showdown for 3 seasons.



Having no formal dance, strength and flexibility training background, the world of pole was a definite shock to Sirena.


Having started pole dancing as a casual form of exercise back in 2011, she was hooked from her very first class itself. Since then, she has expressed how pole has really turned her world upside down, changing her life for the better.


She can now groove to any creative choreography thrown at her, stay on the pole mid-air forever while bending her back in half. Still growing as a dancer herself, she hopes to inspire more girls in their pole journey.


Sirena is also known for her bubbly and spunky personality, as she would instantly create a stress free and fun atmosphere in all of her classes. A true Bobbi’s girl by heart, she hopes to change the lives of her students, just as Bobbi did for her.



Stardust is admired for her effortless grace and flow when she dances. Natural yet refined, she has a rare quality. A shy person by nature, however, her talent and unstoppable passion for pole dancing keeps her on stage.


Holding the Miss Bloody Sexy title from the HallowQUEEN 2012 competition, Stardust exudes an alluring, sweet-sensuality vibe that makes it impossible to take your eyes off her.


Loved for her sweet and demure personality, Stardust is inspirational to many students at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Malaysia where she has been a star student herself. A true Bobbi’s babe, she makes an exquisite Asian addition to the sexy bunch.



You’ll never see Sazuri taking a break from the studio, as this dancing queen has a head full of ideas and a long list of choreographies you’ll want to dance to. She has a passion for fitness and all kinds of dancing styles, which explains her amazing strength, flexibility and phenomenal routine ideas.


Holding the HallowQUEEN title twice in a row, Sazuri thinks that pole dancing has the best of both worlds, as this art combines athleticism and musicality – two of her favourite things. As she’s still growing and discovering more about dance and fitness, she is inspired to inspire; to create and bring out the best in everyBobbi.



It all started when a friend dragged her to a trial class back in 2014, Saintly also got hooked, almost immediately, to this art. It was love at first spin and the rest they say is history.


To Saintly, pole dancing is an alternative form of fitness, but it’s also something else – the freedom, empowerment, and what it’s truly like to be sexy.


This pole journey has helped her grow so much as a dancer, a teacher and as a person she now is. She is known and admired for her passion to share, her love to inspire and most importantly, giving her beloved students a safe environment to express themselves.



Known for her versatility in dancing, Quynh certainly has plenty of dance background under her belt. The dancing goddess started wearing her dancing shoes at a very young age, involving herself in traditional dancing, Chinese dancing and even yoga – which explains her strength and flexibility.
What motivates her the most? Seeing herself progress in all the challenges thrown at her. Quynh decided to take up pole dancing after watching a wonderful performance on YouTube. She picked up the sport immediately and never looked back since.As a dancer, she represents the art of movement, telling her stories through music and her choreography. She believes that putting her heart and soul in a choreography will make an impression so strong it will put the audience in awe.
Quynh also aspires to be a confident woman with an attractive personality; to inspire her students to feel the same. She wants everyone to feel comfortable with their bodies and be open minded, therefore they could do something special for themselves.



From behind the scenes to runways, the stage is no stranger to Ming. An established artist in the local hair and make up industry, Ming fell in love with pole dancing since late 2015.
Endearingly, the 'gym' is what he calls Bobbi's Pole Studio Malaysia. Never one to shy away from asking questions, Ming is also open to all kinds of challenges thrown at him.
He also believes that everyone deserves to give pole dancing a try. Inclusivity and the freedom to express, is what inspires Ming to pursue pole dancing, and continue dancing like a fashion model on air.



Cheerleader turned pole dancer, Michelle took almost 10 years to finally pick up exotic dancing. Her first class in 2018? The best decision ever made that turned into a lifelong passion.


Bobbi’s Malaysia quickly became a gym, playground and home that rekindled her love for dance and groove. If your flava is R&B and Hip Hop with a little bit of Pop, she’s ya girl.


The newest addition to Bobbi’s Malaysia’s instructors, Michelle hopes for students to find a place where they feel empowered and belonged while doing something they truly love - as she did.



Having no previous dance experiences, Ceci first fell in love with the exotic dance industry five years ago. She quickly picked up the techniques, flexibility and strength, and in no time she was already inspiring her students with her signature, sensual movements.


Ceci found her niche and fell in love with the Exotic Arts teaching. Creating slow sensuality and lap dance choreographies is her forte. She understands the struggles and has the passion and experience to help her students push through their limits, accepting their own unique form. Nevertheless, Ceci is known to transform shy little kittens into sexy tigresses and tigers.